Technical Reports

Public Information and Involvement Program Chicago-St. Louis High Speed Rail Project

  • 18
  • Sep
  • 1992
SUBJECT: High-Speed Passenger Rail
ABSTRACT: A series of communications principles can be concluded from the research of the public issues that have surfaced during high speed rail projects. Because the socioeconomic and political systems of Europe and Asia re so difference from our own, the most relevant conclusions are those based on the California, Florida, Texas, New York-to-Boston and Canadian projects. The experiences of these high speed rail projects tell us that: public opinion is frequently a pivotal factor in determining the success of the HSR project, the public should be informed and involved as early in the project as possible, public involvement activities must be sincere, potential for public support is broad-based, coming from business, local government, environmental groups and private citizens, strongest support for HSR often comes from business and environmental sectors, opponents often have a not-in-my-back-yard attitude or a fear of paying for the HSR project with their taxes, project sponsors must claim early "ownership" of key issues, presenting their arguments clearly and convincingly in areas such as business development, ridership and environmental impact, and project sponsors must meticulously preserve their public opinion credibility throughout the implementation process.
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