Technical Reports

Urban Rail In America: A Review of Procedures and Recommendations from the Regional Plan Association Study

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1985
AUTHOR: Don H. Pickrell
ABSTRACT: This study reviews the findings reported by the Regional Plan Association regarding the suitability of new rail transit investments in U.S. urban areas. It does so by using operational data from recently completed rail lines to develop detailed empirical (rather than theoretical) estimates of the potential operating cost reductions, travel time savings, and land use benefits from constructing new rail transit lines. It also adds estimates of potential savings in vehicle capital and right-of-way costs that may arise when travelers carried by a new rail line rather are diverted from buses or automobiles. Finally, it compares those savings to new estimates of the costs of constructing rail transit facilities on various types of rights-of-way, which are derived from the recent U.S. and Canadian experience in building new rail lines.
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