Technical Reports

Hazardous Material Tank Cars- Tank Head Protective "Shield" or "Bumper" Design

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1971
SUBJECT: Hazardous Materials
KEYWORDS: Railroad Tank Car, Tank Car Head, Damage, Head Punctures
ABSTRACT: The objective of this study program is to design a railroad tank car head protective device which will reduce the requency of head punctures in accidents. Accident data were reviewd in detail for the years 1965 through 1970 to correlate head damage frequency and severity with various types of tank cars to determine distribution patterns of damage over tank car head surfaces, and to assess the costs to the railroad shipping industry of head punctures. Full scale head impact tests, previously run were also reviewed. From these two reviews design criteria were established and used to reduce an initial compilation of 74 concepts to a group of 15, which when applied to various classes of cars, comprised a semi-final total of 42 combinations, or schemes, as referred to in this report.