Technical Reports

Human Factors Survey of Locomotive Cabs

  • 30
  • Jun
  • 1972
AUTHOR: John P. Jankovich
SUBJECT: Human Factors
KEYWORDS: Human Factor Engineering, Locomotive Cab Design, Engine Crew Accidents, Cab Environment, Railroad Safety
ABSTRACT: Purpose of the investigation was to review design of locomotive cabs from the human factors point of view. The following areas of human factors engineering are discussed: construction of cab interiors; design of controls and displays; atmospheric conditions in the cab; noise and vibration; seat design; physiology and vigilance of train driving. Discussion of each subject is divided into three sections: 1) survey of relevant literature, 2) conditions on domestic locomotives, and 3) recommendations to improve present models and future design. The recommendations relate only to the designs reviewed under the scope of this study and represent the viewpoint of the author and not necessarily those of the FRA.
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