Technical Reports

Parametric Analyis of Railway Line Capacity

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1975
AUTHOR: John C. Prokopy, Richard B. Rubin
SUBJECT: Operating Practices
KEYWORDS: Railroad Operations, Simulation Models
ABSTRACT: The problem of analyzing the capability of a rail line to absorb additional traffic has become increasingly important recently as various means of consolidating and expanding usage of the rail systems have been proposed. This report develops a systematic procedure for evaluating the potential capacity of a wide variety of rail line haul facilities under a number of operating conditions and policies. The procedure is based upon a parametric analysis of a series of rail line cases or operating and physical plant scenarios simulated using a computer train dispatching model. This report first briefly describes the simulation model. Next the structuring of the approach to the analysis is presented along with a description of the cases and the results of the case simulations. Then a parametric analysis of the results is described and procedures for applying the analysis to other conditions are developed concluding with a sample application. Finally, concluding observations are discussed and recommendations for application of the results and for further research are presented.