Technical Reports

Brake System Design Optimization- Volume II: Supplemental Data

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 1981
AUTHOR: A.T. Kearney, Inc.
SUBJECT: Braking Systems, Freight Operations
KEYWORDS: thermal capacity
ABSTRACT: This report presents supplemental data which support Volume I, A Survey and Assessment, DOT-TSC-FRA-78-1,I,FRA/ORD-78/20,I, dated June 1978, 140 pages. A detailed description of the functional performance of each freight car air brake system component is provided. This is followed by a discussion of the operation, performance, and design of air brake systems. The results of a survey made to estimate the population of brake system components in service, and present operating problems with these components is presented. In addition, the problems which require immediate solutions from the perspective of the railroad industry are tabulated. A summary of recent research work performed to investigate freight car wheel thermal capacity is presented.