Technical Reports

Wheelclimb Derailment Processes and Derailment Criteria

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1984
AUTHOR: L.M. Sweet, A. Karnel
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment, Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: scale model testing, wheelset dynamics
ABSTRACT: The most widely accepted criterion for wheelclimb derailment defines an upper limit for safe operation on wheel/rail contact forces on the climbing wheel, with the limit varying with time duration of the forces. For dynamic wheelclimb processes with significant lateral velocities, lateral forces may be measured for short time durations that are larger than those that may be sustained without derailment in steady state. To study wheelclimb derailment processes and evaluate derailment criteria, a series of derailment experiments was conducted using a one-fifth scale model of a single wheelset on tangent track subjected to static and dynamic loading conditions. The results of these experiments were compared to simulations based on a nonlinear theory developed to represent the important phenomena associated with dynamic wheelclimb.