Technical Reports

Dynamic Buckling Test Analyses of a High Degree CWR Track

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1991
AUTHOR: A. Kish, G. Samavedam
KEYWORDS: Track Buckling, Dynamic Buckling, Lateral Stability, Continuous Welded Rails, High Degree Curve
ABSTRACT: Thermal buckling of railroad tracks in the lateral plane is an important problem in the design and maintenance of continuous welded rail (CWR) tracks. The work reported here is part of a major investigation carried out by the John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center for the Federal Railroad Administration on the thermal buckling of CWR tracks with the objective of developing guidelines and recommendations for buckling prevention. This report presents the results of two major buckling tests conducted on 7.5 degree curved CWR track at the Transportation Test Center in Pueblo, CO. In the first test, thermal buckling was induced in the absence of vehicles to evaluate the static ,buckling strength of the 7.5 _degree curve with 1.5 in. line defect. In the second test, the dynamic buckling behavior of the curve (with typical line defects as in the revenue tracks) under vehicular traffic was studied. The buckling strength of the track under vehicle loads was determined in this test. The test results, the analytical predictions, interest are presented in this report.