Technical Reports

Evaluation of Railroad Lime Slurry Stabilization

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1978
AUTHOR: James R. Blacklock
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Railroads, Roadbeds, Maintenance, Clay Soils, Subsoil, Soil Analysis, Soil Properties, Soil Tests, Soil Stabilization, Calcium Oxides, Slurries, Injection, Civil Engineering
ABSTRACT: -This report describes a multifaceted investigation into the application of lime slurry pressure injection (LSPI) to stabilize and improve railroad roadbeds." - Area-s discussed include (1) the current state of lime-injection technology, (2) soil exploration and testing related to the use of LSPI, (3) costs of roadbed stabilization by the LSPI method, (4) environmental aspects of the use of LSPI, and (5) initial applications of finite element analysis to the track-roadbed structure. In addition, summaries to two types of ancillary reports are included: (1) those resulting from case studies of several specific lime-injection projects and (2) those describing independent research work involving either the lime-soil combination or finite element analysis of the track-roadbed structure.