Reports to Congress

2014 FRA Report to Congress on Actions Taken to Implement Unmet Statutory Mandates and Address Open Recommendations by the NTSB and DOT's Inspector General Regarding Railroad Safety

  • 01
  • May
  • 2015
SUBJECT: Drug and Alcohol Program, Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus, Hours of Service, Risk Reduction Program
KEYWORDS: Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing for Maintenance-of-Way Employees, Development and Use of Rail Safety Technology, Safe Rail Transport of Certain Radioactive Materials
ABSTRACT: The RSIA introduced numerous mandates regarding railroad safety. Some of these mandates require action to be taken after the completion of this report, and FRA has not included in this report the mandates with statutory deadlines after December 31 , 20 14. FRA reiterates its commitment to meet each new statutory deadline to the extent practicable and has a centralized process for tracking and monitoring implementation of all congressional rail safety mandates. This process uses Microsoft SharePoint, an Intranet-based application accessible to FRA leadership and assigned staff to review and edit information to facilitate the planning and managing of work assignments. This system is called Regulations and Program Development Tracking. In addition, the Office of Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Transportation has a separate, Intranet-based tracking system that uses a different type of software called the Legislative Implementation Plan Data System. FRA has a parallel legislative implementation plan for the RSIA employing that software.
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