Technical Reports

Peacekeeper Rail Garrison Triplet Cars Track Worthiness Tests

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1991
AUTHOR: Eric Bier
KEYWORDS: Chapter XI; Service Worthiness; Span Bolster; Track Worthiness
ABSTRACT: Track worthiness tests were performed on a consist of three commercial depressed center flatcars (Triplet Cars) equipped with span bolsters to distribute heavy loads over four trucks. Tests were compared to, but not limited by, specifications in Chapter XI of the AAR's, Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices. The Triplet Cars track worhiness tests were performed to investigate the coupled car performance of span bolster cars before the individual Peacekeeper Rail Garrison (PKRG) span bolster cars were assembled in a train. Two of the Triplet Cars had trucks with 36-inch wheelsets similar to the PKRG security car and launch control car. The third car had trucks with 38-inch wheelsets similar to those used in the PKRG Missile Launch Car. A second phase of testing was performed using the two Triplet Cars with 36-inch wheel sets and the Missile Launch Car (MLC), EMS-1.