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Safety of High Speed Guided Ground Transportation Systems: Magnetic and Electric Field Testing of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Urban Transit System. Volume 2. Appendices.

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1993
AUTHOR: William L. Jacobs, David C. Robertson, George A. Steiner
KEYWORDS: Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF); Static (dc) Magnetic Field; Alternating (ac) Field; Extreme Low Frequency (ELF); MBTA;
ABSTRACT: The safety of magnetically levitated (maglev) and high speed rail (HSR) trains proposed for application in the United States is the responsibility of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Plans for near future US applications include maglev projects (e.g. in Orlando, FL and Pittsburgh, PA) and high speed rail (the French Train a Grande Vitesse (TGV) in the Texas Triangle). The report provides the Analysis (Vol. I) of results, and detailed data and statistical summaries (Vol. II, Appendices) of representative EMF profiles on vehicles and facilities typical of electrotechnologies used in the transit system (3rd rail dc, catenary with pantograph, trolley bus). Each electrotechnology has specific EMF frequency signatures. EMF data represent a range of system operating conditions and locations (in vehicles, stations and waysides), as well as traffic control and electrical power supply facilities.
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