Technical Reports

Evaluation of Immediate Actions Taken to Deal with Cracking Problems Observed in Wheels of Rail Commuter Cars.

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1993
AUTHOR: O. Orringer, D.E. Gray, and R.J. McCown
KEYWORDS: Thermal cracks; wheels
ABSTRACT: The report is the first in a series of engineering studies on railroad vehicle wheel performance. Preliminary studies are summarized, involving evaluation of actions taken to respond to high rates of crack occurrence observed in the wheels of certain multiple unit (MU) power cars used in commuter service. The conclusions of the studies were that the actions taken to address the observed problems were timely and appropriate. These actions were: (1) improvement of maintenance to prevent brake shoe misalignment and dispatching of cars with inoperative traction motors; (2) daily visual inspection of wheels to detect thermal cracks; and (3) immediate re-trueing of thermally cracked wheels with center tread cracks longer than 1/2 inch or rim edge cracks of any size.