Technical Reports

Analytical Methods for Freight Car/Truck Dynamic Problems

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1980
AUTHOR: Martin Marietta Corporation
SUBJECT: Freight Operations
KEYWORDS: Railcar modelling, Hunting stability
ABSTRACT: The analytical methods used to synthesize mathematical models of an 80-ton open hopper railroad car are presented in this report. The work described herein was performed as part of the Track-Train Dynamics program by the Analytical Mechanics Section, Martin Marietta Corporation, Denver Division. This effort was directed toward accurately characterizing the dynamic behavior of this specific railcar configuration. In a larger sense, model formulation and solution using the methods detailed here serve as a potential approach to the characterization of other railcar configurations. The report details the formulation of a nonlinear model including the carbody, trucks, and wheel/rail interactions. In particular hunting stability of the railcar was investigated, and analytical results were compared to actual test data. Test/analytical correlation was very good.