Technical Reports

Characterization of Locomotive Tractive Effort from Electrical Power to the Traction Motors

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1987
AUTHOR: N. Wilson, K. Rownd, M. Dembosky, R. Washburn
ABSTRACT: Experiments to be performed on the FAST track at the Transportation Test Center required a method of measuring train resistance and related fuel consumption in moving the train. Previous experiments had shown that the Roll Dynamics Unit (RDU) in the Rail Dynamics Laboratory might be used as a dynamometer to measure the performance of a locomotive. A GP40-2 locomotive was already being used on the RDU as a test bed for fuel flowmeter. The locomotive was instrumented so that input power to the traction motor armatures was calibrated to measure train resistance by developing accurate performance curves that related traction-motor armature input to tractive power. Field trials with the locomotive hauling test, consisting of cars with ordinary three-piece trucks and two types of radial trucks, were performed to test the instrumentation package. Results showed the system to be reliable, durable, and accurate. In addition, the use of radial trucks, or truck lubrication, was shown to be beneficial in reducing train resistance
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