Technical Reports

State Grade Crossing Programs: A Case Study

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1974
AUTHOR: Ralph G. Kennedy III
KEYWORDS: Grade Crossings; California; Railroad -highway Crossing Safety
ABSTRACT: This report reviews the California Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Program, analyzing the factors influencing the reduction in grade crossing accidents. The report concludes that the greater than average success in grade crossing safety in California has resulted from the long standing financial support of the installation and maintenance of grade crossing warning devices, a strong, well managed Public Utilities Commission providing the analytical support for crossing I improvement decisions, unusually strong safety efforts by the financially healthy railroads operating within the state, and an effective framework for city-countystate cooperative determination of grade crossing priorities. California ranks eighth overall in terms of active protection installed and first in the percentages of total crossings equipped with automatic gate installations. Areas for potential improvement and refinement of the California program are likewise discussed.