Technical Reports

Conceptual Design and Analysis of the Tracked Magnetically Levitated Vehicle Technology Program (TMLV). Repulsion Scheme. Volume I. Technical Studies.

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1975
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: maglev; TMLV; repulsion scheme
ABSTRACT: This report summarizes the studies of a program to establish the technology of magnetic suspension for ultimate use in a passenger-carrying high-speed ground transportation (HSGT) system - at speeds on the order of 134 m/s (300 mph). Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV) is one of the advanced vehicle suspension concepts considered as alternatives to conventional transportation modes in the short-haul regime. This volume summarizes the analyses and designs which demonstrate the performance of the system including the ability to meet the DOT ride quality standards on straight and level guideways as well as on curves and grade transitions. Conceptual designs and costs are shown for the vehicles, guideways, and the complete system. Various propulsion systems and guideway configurations are investigated, and a simple economic model is developed for the evaluation of MAGLEV systems on a cost per seat-mile or cost per passenger-mile basis.
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