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Composite Wood Tie Performance Report

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1985
AUTHOR: Nancy Blume Lightfoot
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures
ABSTRACT: Testing (FAST) Composite Wood Tie Performance Evaluation performed at the Transportation Test Center (TTC) near Pueblo, Colorado. The purpose of the evaluation was to compare the performance of composite wood ties to standard wood ties under heavy traffic. Sample ties were initially tested on a load frame to measure the modulus of elasticity and ultimate load strength. During the service testing, 700 million gross tons (MGT) of traffic were accumulated on the FAST track. The composite wood tie sections were monitored regularly for track gage widening, spike pullout force, and maintenance manhours required to keep the track up to Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Class 4 specifications. After the test, all ties were removed and examined for plate cutting and breakage.