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1998 Railroad Employee Fatalities: An Analytical Study

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 2003
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration - Office of Safety
SUBJECT: Employee Fatalities
ABSTRACT: This document contains the following materials: ! Narrative reports which provide in-depth coverage of 1998's 22 railroad employee fatalities, helping readers to visualize the accident scene and chain of events leading up to the fatalities, and the post-accident investigation process; ! Summaries, preceding each narrative report, which highlight important elements of each individual fatality, particularly the possible contributing factors (PCFs); ! Overall findings for the 1998 fatalities which identify who the majority of fatally injured employees were (i.e. craft, job position, age group, and years of service); what most were doing at the time of the incidents; when most were fatally injured (i.e. time of year and time of day); where most incidents occurred (i.e. type of railroad); and most importantly, why most fatalities occurred in terms of PCFs; and ! Bar and pie charts which illustrate the above findings.