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Safety Assurance and Compliance Program (SACP) : Accomplishments for CY 2001

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 2002
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration - Office of Safety
SUBJECT: Enforcement, Program Evaluation
ABSTRACT: The FRA promotes and helps ensure the safety of the Nation’s railroad industry through the enforcement of safety regulations and the onsite monitoring of railroad operations. The Agency directs more than 415 Federal safety inspectors in 36 offices nationwide and 159 State inspectors from 30 States. These inspectors oversee approximately 675 railroads with more than 220,000 employees; 265,000 miles of track with 257,000 highway-rail grade crossings; 100,000 railroad bridges; 1.3 million freight cars; 20,000 freight locomotives; and 8,880 passenger locomotives, coaches, and self-powered coaches. The rapid growth of new railroads and traffic in recent years has increased demands on monitoring railroad-industry compliance with safety regulations covering track, equipment, signals, the transportation of hazardous materials, and operating practices. Because of the limited number of Federal and State inspectors, the efficient use of these resources is critical.
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