Technical Reports

Railroad Industry Modal Profile

  • 25
  • Apr
  • 2016
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Aging workforce, diversity, Federal Railroad Administration, pre K-12, railroad industry workforce, recruiting, retention, STEM, training and development, work-life balance
ABSTRACT: In 2011, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Office of Research, Development, and Technology (RD&T) published the first edition of the “Railroad Industry Modal Profile: An Outline of the Railroad Industry Workforce Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities” in response to the DOT National Transportation Workforce Initiative. The profile provided a comprehensive assessment of the railroad workforce and identified six key workforce challenges facing the industry at that time. Since the initial publication, the profile has been widely used as a source of information and insight regarding railroad industry workforce development. Thus, the FRA Office of RD&T determined that it should be updated periodically to reflect the latest industry trends, issues, and best practices. Recently, the FRA Office of RD&T conducted another analysis to gauge the current and future state of the industry’s workforce based on available quantitative employment data and industry stakeholder dialogs, which led to the identification of the following key workforce challenges. Although it is not the FRA’s intent to solve these challenges, the FRA continues to foster industry collaboration to increase the visibility of key issues and innovative workforce development initiatives.