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PTC Annual Report for 2015: Alaska Railroad

  • 26
  • Jan
  • 2016
AUTHOR: Alaska Railroad
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control
ABSTRACT: AKRR finished the installation of I‐ETMS on the entire AKRR locomotive and cab car fleet of 54 units by July 2015. Freight train brake algorithm testing in the field was accomplished in May 2015 after AKRR completed all of the field validation and verification of Anchorage to Seward and Whittier Branch critical Features, route/speed navigation and wayside integration units. Lab integration end to end testing was completed with 96 defects reported for the TMC and over 300 software defects in the office segment including the Computer‐aided Dispatch, Back Office Server, Mobile Device Manager Server, Network Management Systems (NMS) and Individual and Composite CRC Calculator (IC3). AKRR has been working with its vendor Wabtec to prioritize defect fixes that allowed field integration testing in November 2015 which confirmed that the communications for base stations, locomotives and wayside would provide the infrastructure required to operate PTC from Anchorage to Seward and the Whittier Branch. Wayside implementation of PTC was substantially complete for sidings from Wolf to Curry which included 12 manual switches and On Station Circuits at each manually operated switch in this Track Warrant Control territory. AKRR sold bonds in July 2015 that allowed for contracts to awarded to complete the PTC implementation in CTC territory and Deadhorse to Usibelli in Track Warrant Control territory. This work is expected to be complete in March 2018
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