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PTC Annual Report for 2015: Denton County Transportation Authority

  • 31
  • Mar
  • 2016
AUTHOR: Denton County Transportation Authority
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control
ABSTRACT: In February 2016 DCTA submitted updated PTCIP (Rev 5) with accompanying RFA to propose change of the implemented system from the originally proposed V-ETMS by Wabtec, to Alstom’s E-ATC system. DCTA will utilize the Type Approval of Enhanced Automatic Train Control (E-ATC), FRA Type Approval (FRA-TA-2013-01) for the Enhanced Automatic Train Control (E-ATC) PTC System (Docket FRA-2010-0073). The proposed E-ATC system provides a significantly less complex and lower cost solution to PTC then the originally planned V-ETMS system while maintaining compliance with all requirements for certification under 46 CFR § 236 subpart I. Having discussed this change with the FRA previously, DCTA engaged Alstom to begin procurement of the E-ATC system in late 2015. Under the schedule presented in DCTA’s PTCIP, the installation of the PTC system is scheduled to begin in the 3rd quarter of 2016 and complete in the 2nd quarter of 2017. The successful implementation of E-ATC on DCTA’s territory may be dependent upon a number of associated risks. Although the potential for risks may exist, none are anticipated at this time that would create difficulty in deploying the E-ATC system by the December 31, 2017 completion date as proposed by DCTA.
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