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PTC Annual Report for 2015: Union Pacific Railroad

  • 31
  • Mar
  • 2016
AUTHOR: Union Pacific Railroad
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control
ABSTRACT: At the end of 2015, UP had over 600 locomotives equipped and commissioned for PTC/RSD operation. However, due to technical difficulties with the Crash-Hardened Memory (CHM) subsystem, UP has not been able to accept the product from its supplier and widely deploy it. The small locomotive count below represents just those locomotives on which the CHM product was actually installed and being utilized to assist the vendor in development and field testing. In discussion with Robert Lauby, UP plans to submit a waiver on this matter to address the technical delays and final approval. The reporting of route miles in testing or RSD reflects that mileage for which FRA has authorized UP to conduct such operations. UP submitted a Request for Amendment (RFA) to its PTCIP v3.0 on 27 January 2016. * For this initial PTC Progress Report, data reported for calendar year 2015 includes totals for 2015 and years prior.
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