Technical Reports

Employee-In-Charge Portable Remote Terminal Phases 3 and 4 Summary Report

  • 06
  • May
  • 2016
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
KEYWORDS: Employee-in-charge, portable remote control, personal data assistant, Positive Train Control, Interoperable Train Control, Electronic Train Management System
ABSTRACT: Under Federal Railroad Administration Task Order 257, Transportation Technology Center, Inc. partnered with BNSF Railway Company to complete Builds 1 and 2 of the Employee-In-Charge (EIC) portable remote control (PRT) application software and to successfully integrate and test the EIC PRT Build 2 application with Electronic Train Management System. The EIC PRT system provides an EIC of maintenance of way workers with an interface to the host Positive Train Control (PTC) system to enforce the train entry into protected work areas and speed of trains operating within work areas. The EIC PRT Build 1 application, completed in Phase 3, implemented a minimum set of functions. EIC PRT Build 2, completed in project Phase 4a of the project, expanded the function set to improve usability by roadway workers. Project Phases 3 and 4a included systems engineering, safety engineering, and software engineering tasks.
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