Technical Reports

MBTA Green Line Tests: Riverside Line, December 1972

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1973
AUTHOR: George W. Neat
SUBJECT: High-Speed Passenger Rail, Program Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Track Measurement Methodology, Track Geometry Measurement, Ride Roughness Measurement, Interior Noise Measurement
ABSTRACT: The UMTA sponsored Urban Rail Supporting Technology Program emphasizes three major task areas; facilities development, technology development, and test program development. The test program development is composed of three sub-areas: vehicle testing, ways and structures testing, and track geometry measurement. This report presents the technical methodology, data samples, and results of tests conducted on the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Green Line in December, 1972 prior to initiation of the Green Line refurbishment effort. An instrumented revenue type car was used for the measurement of track geometry, ride roughness, and interior noise. Actual car speed was approximately the same as normal revenue speed. The objectives of the tests were to identify critical track sections for improvement to quantify the benefits produced by the track rehabilitation program, and to provide data for TSC's development of an advanced track geometry measurement system.
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