Technical Reports

Preliminary Design Studies of Magnetic Suspensions for High Speed Ground Transportation

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1973
AUTHOR: John R. Reitz, Robert H. Borcherts, L. C. Davis, T. K. Hunt, Dennis F. Wilke
SUBJECT: High-Speed Passenger Rail, Maglev
KEYWORDS: Tracked Levitated Vehicles, Ride Quality, Superconductiong Magnets
ABSTRACT: This report examines certain critical problem areas relative to magnetic suspension of high-speed vehicles and develops a baseline design for a TMLRV (tracked magnetically levitated research vehicle). Both types of magnetic suspension, the repulsive-force suspension and the attractive-force suspension, are considered. The present study has not turned up any problems serious enough to completely eliminate one of these competing suspensions. Areas considered in this report include propulsion systems and their compatibility with magnetically-levitated high-speed vehicles, aerodynamic effects, failure modes, studies of ride quality, and criteria for maximum allowable track roughness. In regard to the repulsive-force suspension, experiments have been carried out to measure ac loss in the superconducting magnets and an assessment of the magnetic shielding requirement has been made. Two model electromagnets for the attractive-force suspension, and their feedback control systems, were built and tested during the present study.
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