Technical Reports

Guidelines for Enhancement of Visual Conspicuity of the Trailing End of Trains

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1974
AUTHOR: John B. Hopkins
SUBJECT: Accident Reduction, Best Practices
KEYWORDS: Train Collision, Train Visibility, Collision Avoidance
ABSTRACT: This report summarizes a comprehensive study of potential means of reducing the probability of train-train collisions through enhancement of the visual conspicuity of the trailing end of trains. The basic function requirements and constraints for such devices are set forth, followed by a review of relevant past research. The form and parameter values of the warning system found to incorporate the best combinations of practicality and effectiveness are specified; in essence the systems consists of clear xenon flash-tube beacons mounted on opposite sides of the car at the roofline, flashing simultaneously. Experimental use and observations of the system are described, and detailed recommendations are included.
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