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The Impact of the U.S. Energy Situation on High Speed Ground Transportation

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1974
AUTHOR: Willard E. Fraize
SUBJECT: Passenger Rail
KEYWORDS: Energy Supply, Intercity Passenger Modes, Alternative Energy
ABSTRACT: U. S. energy supply issues for the next few decades are summarized with a view toward their impact on high speed ground transportation (HSGT) modes. As background, the energy characteristics of intercity passenger modes, including 300 mph tracked levitated vehicle (TLV) systems, are presented and discussed. In the short and mid terms (through 1985 or 1990) , energy shortages are seen to impact HSGT modes mainly through increased operating (fuel) costs; and the need for greater capacity flexibility. In the long term, HSGT modes may have to adapt to non-fossil fuels. Research topics for addressing energy impacts on HSGT are suggested.
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