Technical Reports

Freight Car Truck Design Optimization: Literature Search - Volume I

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1975
AUTHOR: Southern Pacific Transportation Company Technical Research and Development Team
SUBJECT: Freight Operations
KEYWORDS: Bibliography, Design Principles, Truck Functions, Three-Piece Truck, Side Frames Friction Snubbers, Bolster
ABSTRACT: This document serves as an introduction to the literature known to be available and relevant to rail freight car trucks, their components and performance characteristics. In connection with the Federal Railroad Administration sponsored research in Truck Design Optimization a literature search was conducted to review and assemble all relevant publications, papers, and articles. The collected documentation has been organized into five sections: The History of the Freight Car Truck, Truck Design, Truck Components, Track-Train Dynamics as Related to Truck Performance, and Truck Performance. Each section contains: an introduction dealing with literature selected for reprinting, reprints of articles judged particularly representative or salient, and a bibliography alphabetized by author. The five sections have been organized into three-volumes. Volume I contains the sections entitled: "The History of the Freight Car Truck" and "Truck Design." Volumes II and III will complete the compilation. It is expected that supplements to the three initial volumes will be published at a later date as additional information becomes available.
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