Technical Reports

Freight Car Truck Design Optimization - Survey and Appraisal of Type II Trucks

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1975
AUTHOR: Southern Pacific Transportation Company Technical Research and Development Group
SUBJECT: Freight Operations
KEYWORDS: Elastomer, Parallelograming, Air Spring, Car Body Supports, Ride Quality, Cost, Unstable Hunting
ABSTRACT: This report serves as an introduction to the family of truck designs known as Type II that will be studied in connection with the Federal Railroad Administration's Truck Design Optimization Project. An investigation was made of existing trucks and truck designs qualifying as Type II trucks and this investigation considers features which would be of interest in selecting candidates for testing and evaluation of such trucks under Phase II of the Truck Design Optimization Project. Type II special service designs embody new concepts that utilize current wheel set and journal bearing assemblies and braking arrangements compatible with current air brake systems. Car coupler height is maintained but car body supports other than center plates can be employed. Ride quality and minimum maintenance cost are of major importance to ‘Type II designs.
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