Technical Reports

Functional Requirements for a Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST)

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1975
AUTHOR: S. K. Punwani, J. R. Lundgren, G. C. Martin
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Track Equipment, Research, Traffic, Loop, Settlement, Wear
ABSTRACT: This report describes recommendations for a proposed Facility for Accelerated Service Testing (FAST) and the rationale for the recommendations. It includes a list of proposed initial test series for railroad track research and railroad mechanical equipment research to be conducted by rapid accumulation of traffic operating continuously on proposed test track loops. The proposed FAST consists of three closed track loops, providing a curvature range up to 10¬į and a maximum speed capability up to 80 mph. In addition, a Mechanical Loop option is described.
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