Technical Reports

Locomotive to Automobile Baseline Crash Tests

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1975
AUTHOR: R. L. Anderson
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment
KEYWORDS: Grade Crossing Impacts, Automobile Tests, High Speed Impact
ABSTRACT: Four Locomotive to Automobile Crash tests were performed by the Dynamic Science Division of Ultrasystems at DOT's High Speed Ground Test Center under contract to the Transportation Systems Center, which is conducting the work for the Federal Railroad Administration. This report documents these four tests, which will provide baseline data for evaluation of future locomotive front structure modifications designed to attenuate the severity of the grade crossing accident. The automobiles were all 1973 standard size sedans of the same model with similar options. For each test, a 130-ton Alco locomotive impacted a stationary automobile at a nominal 50 mph. The first two tests contained no instrumentation on either the locomotive or automobile except for high-speed cameras. The last two tests were instrumented repeats of the first two tests which also involved a direct side impact and a Side impact centered on the automobile front fender. The last two tests had an anthropomorphic dummy in the automobile and over 50 accelerometers installed in it. Each test had extensive high frame rate photographic coverage.
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