Technical Reports

DYNALIST II - a Computer Program for Stability and Dynamic Response Analysis for Rail Vehicle Systems, Volume III: Technical Report Addendum

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1976
AUTHOR: Allen Bronowicki, T. K. Hasselman
SUBJECT: Technology Transfer
KEYWORDS: Rail Vehicle Dynamics, Stability, Rail Vehicle Response, Ride Quality, Computer Modeling, Modal Synthesis
ABSTRACT: Several new capabilities have been added to the DYNALIST II computer program. These include: (1) a component matrix generator that operates as a 3-D finite element modeling program where elements consist of rigid bodies, flexural bodies, wheelsets, suspension elements and point masses assembled on a nodal skeleton; (2) a periodic and transient time-history response capability; (3) a component update capability for parametric studies; (4) an orthogonality check on component and system complex eigenvectors; (5) an option for improving low-frequency convergence under modal trunction; (6) a more general sine-amplitude forcing function capability; (7) automatic phase lag generation; (8) user-controlled scaling options on all response; plots; and a number of additional minor improvements. A Technical Report Addendum and a completely revised User's Manual document these changes to the previous version of DYNALIST II.
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