Technical Reports

Evaluation of Analytical and Experimental Methodologies for the Characterization of Wheel/Rail Loads

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1976
AUTHOR: Donald R. Ahlbeck, Harold D. Harrison, Robert H. Prause, Milton R. Johnson
SUBJECT: Track, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Track Loading, Track Degradation, Load Measurement Instrumentation
ABSTRACT: This report has been prepared as part of the Improved Track Structures Research Program sponsored by the Office of Rail Safety Research of the Federal Railroad Administration. The major modes of track degradation have been reviewed to identify the significant wheel/rail loading mechanisms. Analytical models for vehicle/track interaction Rave been selected for predicting the loads in appropriate formats for each of the major modes of track degradation. This report also evaluates the data required to validate the analytical procedures, and both track and vehicle-borne instrumentation are reviewed for fulfilling these requirements. Available data on wheel/rail loads have been used to assemble a preliminary statistical characterization for interim use.
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