Technical Reports

Freight Car Truck Design Optimization: Economic Analysis Report - Phase I

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1976
AUTHOR: Southern Pacific Transportation Company Technical Research & Development Group
SUBJECT: Freight Operations, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Operating Costs, Operating Conditions, Cost Performance Evaluation, Improved Freight Car Investment Evaluation, Cash Flow
ABSTRACT: This report summarizes the truck economic research accomplished during Phase I of the Federal Railroad Administration's three-phase Truck Design Optimization Project (TDOP). In this phase: (1) A truck economic methodology was developed with the cooperation of representatives from the railroad industry and their suppliers. The methodology is for industry use to help establish the cost performance of the individual railroads' existing trucks and evaluate investments in proposed truck improvements; (2) The economic data elements were identified and procedures were developed at various levels of specification to collect the information. An overall truck cost information system was designed. The system will provide a user with the processing capability to establish the integrated truck economic data base and present the data for evaluation; (3) Economic data analysis guidelines were developed to establish and evaluate the cash flows of investments in proposed improvements to existing trucks. The approach to evaluating the operating cost performance of existing trucks through the exploitation of the economic data base was developed. The report recommends that the railroad industry adapt the TDOP methodology developed thus far to their individual company environments and begin to establish working procedures for the economic selection of existing trucks and proposed improved truck designs. Suggested further economic research is also identified.
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