Technical Reports

In-Service Performance and Costs of Methods for Control of Urban Rail System Noise: Experimental Design

  • 01
  • May
  • 1976
AUTHOR: Michael C. Holowaty, Hugh J. Saurenman, Stanley M. Rosen
SUBJECT: Locomotive Standards (Safety & Noise), Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Resilient Wheels, Damped Wheels, Rail Grinding, Noise Reduction, Cost Analysis, Wheel-Rail Noise
ABSTRACT: This report presents an experimental design for a project to evaluate four techniques for reducing wheel-rail noise on urban rail transit systems: (a) resilient wheels, (b) damped wheels, (c) wheel truing, and (d) rail grinding. The design presents the project questions to be answered: (1) What reduction in noise can be achieved by the techniques, individually and in combinations? (2) What are the costs of the techniques? The design gives data requirements for acoustic testing on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Market-Frankford Line, as well as requirements for collection of non-acoustic data covering all United States rapid transit systems. It prescribes methods for analysis of the data, means for drawing inferences to answer the questions posed, and formats for presentation. The design requires that the findings of the completed study be presented in a manner such that the information can be used by transit system personnel who may not have a background in acoustics of cost analysis.