Technical Reports

Ninth Report on the Railroad Technology Program

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 1976
AUTHOR: Office of Research & Development, FRA
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Railroad Technology, Railroad Research, R&D, Transportation Test Center
ABSTRACT: A report on the Federal Railroad Administration's activities carried out under the High Speed Ground Transportation (HSGT) Act of 1965 as amended and extended, for the Secretary of Transportation to report annually to the President and the Congress on activities performed under the Act. This report covers the HSGT-funded research, development and demonstrations programs administered by the Office of Research and Development (OR&D) and the Transportation Test Center (TTC) of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in accordance with Section 10(a) of the Act and also encompasses related work performed under appropriations for advancing railroad technology and safety including the activities of the Transportation Test Center. The report covers program activities for the period October 1, 1974,to September 30, 1975. The report is designed to serve as a source of information for those having an interest in FRA’s research, development and demonstration activities. A limited number of copies are made available to Committees of Congress, other Department of Transportation (DOT) organizations, academicians, prospective contractors, industry organizations and others who have an interest in FRA’s R&D results.
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