Technical Reports

Pilot Study for the Characterization and Reduction of Wheel/Rail Loads - Field Measurement and Data Reduction Plan

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 1976
AUTHOR: Donald R. Ahlbeck, Harold D. Harrison, Robert H. Prause, Milton R. Johnson
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Load Measurement Instrumentation, Track Dynamic Response, Vehicle Dynamic Response
ABSTRACT: This report was prepared as part of the Improved Track Structures Research Program sponsored by the Office of Rail Safety Research of the Federal Railroad Administration. A survey of available wheel/rail load data was conducted (see the Interim Report, D0T-TSC-1051, April, 1976) and noticeable gaps in the existing data and formats of presentation were reported. In this report a test plan for gathering a comprehensive set of wheel/rail load data from both trackside and vehicle-borne transducer measurements is outlined. Primary uses of the resulting data will include the characterization of wheel/rail .loads under revenue- traffic at a representative track site, the characterization of wheel/rail loads from a representative vehicle (a 100-ton freight car) over varied track conditions, and validation of load-predictive models by comparison of computed and measured response.
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