Technical Reports

A Bibliography on Rail Technology

  • 01
  • May
  • 1977
AUTHOR: Walter E. Chapin, Rolland D. King, Helen C. Pestel, Ruth H. Breslin
SUBJECT: Best Practices
KEYWORDS: Index, Nondestructive Inspection, Rail Stresses and Strains, Rail Steel Metallurgy, Rail Manufacturing
ABSTRACT: This rail technology review provides assistance to a number of rail technology programs initiated by the Transportation Systems Center (TSC) for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The results of a search and review in four specific areas in the field of rail technology are presented in the form of a bibliography with descriptive abstracts, source acknowledgments, and availabilities. The geographic scope of the review was worldwide with particular emphasis on the literature of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the Soviet Union, and Japan. The technical scope of investigations for which abstracts are presented include such important topics as the nondestructive examination of rails, the determination of rail stresses and strains and factors affecting them, rail failure behavior and the analysis of rails-in-service, and the metallurgical aspects of rail steel and its production. The time period covered by the review is 1965 through 1975, with particular emphasis on the past five years. Types of literature covered include: journal articles, conference papers, reports, textbooks, handbooks, and unpublished papers. Indices for the identification of the abstracts are provided.
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