Technical Reports

Engineering Tests for Energy Storage Cars at the Transportation Test Center: Volume I - Program Description and Test Summary

  • 01
  • May
  • 1977
AUTHOR: William T. Curran
SUBJECT: Evaluation, Technology Transfer
KEYWORDS: Energy Storage Cars (ESC) Performance, Power Consumption, Noise, Ride Roughness, Radio Frequency Interference, Structural Dynamics
ABSTRACT: The primary purpose of the tests documented herein was to demonstrate the principles and feasibility of an energy storage type propulsion system, and its adaptability to an existing car design. The test program comprised four phases of tests on two New York City Transit Authority R-32 cars where the conventional propulsion system was replaced by an energy storage system. The four test phases were: verification of safe arrival, debugging procedures, performance verification tests, and expanded test program. This report contains test data collected during the performance verification and expanded test program phases. Testing was conducted at the DOT Transportation Test Center, Pueblo, Colorado. The data was collected and processed in accordance with the General Vehicle Test Plan for Urban Rail Transit Cars. Volume II, Performance, Power Consumption, and Radio Frequency Interference Tests; Volume III, Noise Tests; and Volume IV, Ride Roughness Tests.
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