Technical Reports

Materials Evaluation Study - Ballast and Foundation Materials Research Program

  • 01
  • Jan
  • 1977
AUTHOR: R. M. Knutson, M. R. Thompson, T. Mullin, S. D. Tayabji
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Subballast, Subgrade, Ballast Testing, Repeated Load Triaxial Testing, Thermal Regime Characterization, Conventional Railway Track Support System
ABSTRACT: This report presents the results of Phase IV - Materials Evaluation Study, of the Ballast and Foundation Materials Research Program. Emphasis is on characterizing the response of the structural support elements (subgrade, subballast, and ballast) with respect to in service loading conditions. Properties of the subgrade, the subballast, and the ballast that significantly influence track structure behavior and performance have been identified. Part A of the report includes the evaluation of the resilient (elastic) response and permanent strain response of 7 ballast and subballast materials. Part B contains plastic strain and degradation results of ballast materials subject to long term (1 million repetitions) loading. Part C includes the evaluation of resilient response and permanent strain response of ten subgrade soils. Thermal regime characterization, including freeze-thaw analysis is presented in Part D. A comprehensive summary and conclusions are given in Part E.
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