Reports to Congress

The Tenth and Final Report on the High Speed Ground Transportation Act of 1965

  • 01
  • May
  • 1977
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Railroad Technology, Railroad Research, Advanced Systems Technology, International Cooperation, Transportation Test Center
ABSTRACT: This is the tenth and final report to the Congress on research, development, and demonstrations activities authorized by the HSGT Act of 1965. The activities are evaluated, accomplishments described, recommendations presented, and the history of the HSGT Program consolidated into one document. More than 400 reports were produced on railroad and advanced systems since the Act was signed in 1965. Major accomplishments of the program include: (a) creation of continuing Federal R&D in railroad technology, (b) establishment of the Transportation Test Center, (c) demonstration that quality rail passenger service will be used in this country, (d) system performance and cost estimates for the Northeast Corridor multi-modal regional transportation study, (e) development of data processing of rail passenger statistics now used by Amtrak, (f) conception of Auto Train, (g) initiation of railroad track dynamics research (the first scientific investigation of track in over 30 years), (h) construction of the Rail Dynamics Laboratory, (i) development of automated track geometry inspection, (j) advancement of linear electric motor technology, (k) expansion of knowledge of magnetic levitation, (1) analysis of the dynamics of air cushion levitation, and (m) exploration of the ram air cushion. DOT should continue to follow research on tracked levitated vehicles and other advanced technology as an option for high-density short-haul routes as future needs may develop for intercity passenger systems.
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