Technical Reports

TLV Status Report

  • 01
  • Oct
  • 1977
AUTHOR: Roger Katz
SUBJECT: Maglev, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Air Cushion, Tracked Levitated Vehicles, High Speed Ground Transportation, Research
ABSTRACT: The worldwide status of Tracked Levitated Vehicle (TLV) technology and an assessment of its development, sponsored by the Advanced Technology Program within the Office of Research and Development in FRA, is presented here. This report along with a TLV Technology Workshop sponsored by the Office of University Research represent a continuing and coordinated effort by the Department of Transportation to keep abreast of the state of worldwide developments in this technology. The first chapter, entitled "An Overview of Worldwide Research Programs of Noncontacting Suspensions for Ground Transportation Vehicles", describes various maglev and air cushion suspension test facilities in use throughout the world. The second chapter, entitled "TLV Technology Status Report" discusses the status of the overall technology in the judgment of MITRE/METREK. The purpose of this report is to place the worldwide research efforts in perspective as they address the outstanding technical problems as a whole. This will provide the reader with a tool for assessing target areas for future research which complement the ongoing worldwide efforts. This report uses the SI (metric) units.
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