Technical Reports

Users' Manual for Asymmetric Wheel/Rail Contact Characterization Program

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1977
AUTHOR: R. Hellner, N. K. Cooperrider
SUBJECT: Best Practices
KEYWORDS: Wheel/Rail Geometry, Profile Principle Curvature, Wheel Profile, Wheelset, Rail Profile, Quasi-Linearization
ABSTRACT: Wheel/rail geometric constraint relationships, such as the effective conicity and gravitational stiffness, strongly influence the lateral dynamics of railway vehicles. The principal curvatures of wheel and rail profiles are important parameters in the determination of creep coefficients used in rail vehicle models. In general, these geometric constraints and profile curvatures are nonlinear functions of the wheel set lateral displacement. This report is a users' manual for a computer program written in FORTRAN IV that uses iterative procedures to determine these nonlinear functions for arbitrary wheel and rail profiles. The program computes the wheel/rail contact positions, geometric constraint functions, and profile curvatures for any given wheel profile, rail profile, rail cant angle, and rail gauge for an asymmetric wheel set on asymmetric rails. Analytical methods used and program input and output are described. Results are in the form of printout, punched cards and drum plotter plots. The users' manual includes program listings, sample deck set-ups, and sample run output.
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