Technical Reports

An Evaluation of Performance Requirements for Cross Ties and Fasteners

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1978
AUTHOR: Robert H. Prause, James C. Kennedy, Robert C. Arnlund
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Track Loading, Track Design, Concrete Cross Ties, Crossties, Track Components, Rail Fasteners, Steel Cross Ties, Tie Specification
ABSTRACT: This report was prepared as part of the Improved Track Structures Research Program managed by the Transportation Systems Center. This program is sponsored by the Office of Rail Safety Research, Improved Track Structures Research Division, of the Federal Railroad Administration. The report evaluates the technical basis for current tie and fastener specifications. Particular emphasis was placed on correlating track load data and service failure modes with tie/fastener strength requirements. This required a detailed review of the failure history and laboratory tests for the early, intermediate and new concrete tie designs used in several North American test installations. Limitations of current specifications are identified and specific modifications are recommended. A brief review of the development and performance of reconstituted timber ties and steel ties is also included.
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