Technical Reports

Draft Gear/Cushioning Unit Optimization for Train Action - Interim Report

  • 01
  • May
  • 1978
AUTHOR: N. A. Morella, S. K. Punwani, M. A. Scott, K. L. Shum
SUBJECT: Tracks & Structures
KEYWORDS: Buff, Train Action, Cushioning, Couple Force, Modeling, Simulation, Optimization
ABSTRACT: This interim report describes the work done to date under Task 5 - Draft Gear/Cushioning Unit Optimization of the Track Train Dynamics program. Existing analysis tools for estimating train action forces were reviewed. Alternative approaches for analytical representation of currently used draft gears and cushioning units were considered. Based on this initial work, it was concluded that a test fixture car was required to obtain test data on force-velocity-displacement under train action conditions. A test arrangement was conceptualized, designed, and constructed. Concurrently, software was developed for reduction of test data. DTAM, a simulation model developed within the TTD program, will be used for optimization of draft gear/cushioning unit characteristics for train action using typical, severe, and extreme operating conditions which have been defined.
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