Technical Reports

Freight Car Truck Design Optimization: Vol. II - Phase I Final Report

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1978
AUTHOR: Southern Pacific Transportation Group Technical Research and Development Team
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: General Purpose Freight Trucks, Equipment Tests, Instrumentation, Test Tracks, Car Torsional Rigidity, Centerplate Friction
ABSTRACT: Tasks assigned to Phase I of the Truck Design Optimization Project (TDOP) are now concluded. This report includes lists of data tapes, reports already filed through FRA with National Technical Information Service (NTIS), and those which are en route to NTIS. Also, in the appendices of this report will be found seven additional relatively small technical reports, as well as drawing lists, definitions and a bibliography. See also: Vol. I - Executive Summary, FRA/ORD-78/12.I Vol. Ill - Phase I Frequency Domain Model, FRA/ORD-78/12.Ill Vol. IV - Critique of Frequency Domain Model - Solution Techniques, FRA/ORD-78/12. IV Vol. V - Critique of Frequency Domain Model - Equations of Motion, FRA/ORD-78/12 .V Vol. VI - Critique of Phase I - Test Series Results Reports, FRA./ORD-78/12.VI Also available in microfiche or photocopy form from NTIS: Vol. VII - Results Report for Test Series 1, FRA/ORD-78/12.VII Vol. VIII- Results Report for Test Series 2 and 5, FRA/ORD-78/12. VIII Vol. IX - Results Report for Test Series 4, FRA/ORD-78/12.IX Vol. X - Results Report for Test Series 3 and 5, FRA/ORD-78/12.X Vol. XI - Performance Guidelines for Type I Trucks FRA/ORD-78/12.XI Vol. XII - TDOP Postprocessing Program Manual, FRA/ORD-78/12.XIII
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