Technical Reports

Self-Synchronous Propulsion System for Rapid Transit Railcars: Advanced Subsystem Development Program Volume II - Detailed Technical Discussion

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1978
AUTHOR: Delco Electronics
SUBJECT: Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Electronic Vehicle Guidance, Rail Rapid Transit, Train Performance
ABSTRACT: Development of the Self-Synchronous Propulsion System was conducted under the Advanced Subsystem Development Program (ASDP), which is a part of the Urban Rapid Rail Vehicle and Systems (URRV&S) Program sponsored by the Urban Mass Transportation Administration. The Self-Synchronous Propulsion System was one of the advanced subsystems that had been identified during the Advanced Concept Train (ACT) proposal evaluation as showing outstanding merit, and was planned to be developed for evaluation by the Transit Authorities. The objective of the overall ASDP was to develop advanced subsystems suitable for application in existing or future transit cars. This report, Volume II, discusses the program technical effort, program scope, objectives, and background; summarizes the design and testing efforts and problem areas; contains conclusions and recommendations; discusses system functional characteristics, train performance characteristics, major component design, interfaces, and product assurance; covers developmental, major component and system level testing; contains a description of the changes made during system testing; discusses the status of the final configuration; and addresses unresolved problems. Volume I summarizes the content of Volume II, and follows essentially the same outline. Volume III contains appendix material which was considered either too bulky or too detailed to incorporate into Volume II. Appendixes A through G in Volume III are: Train Control Electronics (TCE) Flow Diagrams; Train Performance Analysis Computer Program; List of Drawings and Specifications; Diagostlcs Unit RAM Memory Code Identification; Diagnostics Unit Subroutine Flow Diagrams; Motor Power Supply System, U.S. Patent No.3,866,094; and Mapham Inverter and Analytic Model Description, respectively.
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