Technical Reports

Technical Documentation, Locomotive Response Model

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 1978
AUTHOR: E. H. Chang, V. K. Garg, P. W. Hartmann
SUBJECT: Track/Train Interactions, Evaluation
KEYWORDS: Dynamic Response, Mathematical Model, Numerical Integration, Time-Domain Analysis, Tangent Track
ABSTRACT: This report represents the technical manual documentation for the Locomotive Response Model, a mathematical model, for analyzing the dynamic response of a six-axle locomotive on tangent track, and is developed using a numerical integration technique. The locomotive is represented by a thirty-nine (39) degree-of-freedom model. The excitation includes vertical and lateral rail input. The wheel-rail interaction based on the linear theory proposed by Wicken, Joly and Blader is also considered in the model. The dynamic response of a representative six-axle locomotive subject to the selected vertical and/or lateral track irregularities is analyzed. The effects of primary and secondary stiffnesses on the dynamic characteristics of a locomotive are studied. It is also demonstrated that the model can be used as an effective tool in designing and selecting the "optimum" suspension system for the locomotive.